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Welcome to Blackhaven…

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Smugglers’ Wynd, Blackhaven

You, dear reader, have dared to venture as far as the threshold of this ill-omened place called Blackhaven.  Within lie all manner of outlandish things: characters with variously unpleasant or dangerous traits; locations you might do well to avoid on a dark night; “amenities” that fail to meet the most modest of expectations; a history freighted with villanies, and a present replete with evils and disappointments.

It is a place so disreputable and absurd that cartographers have wisely deleted it from their maps in the interest of public safety, and to protect the otherwise thriving Scottish Tourism industry.   I can only reveal that this unique coastal village is allegedly to be found somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland.  Many people claim that no such place exists except in the fevered imagination of some deranged writer of comic fantasy.  Let us hope they are right.

Well, I have tried to warn you.   Meanwhile – try not to worry..


Old Kirk Street, Blackhaven
Quayside, Blackhaven