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things to do, things to do..

Welcome to the Blackhaven blog thing.

We’re going to need a bigger website – is what I have just discovered.  So I will be upgrading the megabytage and amping up the bandwidth..

I will try to post some relevant things here when I have populated the site a bit, and I hope fixed up all the techy stuff these things require.  Security certificates, links, feeds, FTP and goodness knows what-all.  Don’t hold your breath..

Meanwhile in the real world, the plan is, to record the first episode of our podcast in Inverness next month – the first part of a 3-part story called The Unwelcome Visitor  – and get it online ASAP.

I have written scripts for 6 more eps at this stage, but getting the gang to the studio for further recordings (and paying for all this ongoing nonsense) has yet to be arranged.

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