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Blackhaven goes to studio

Yesterday we had our first recording session at The Music Shed, Inverness.  The sound engineers Dave and John are great guys, and are just the sort who we’d expect to find in Blackhaven: weirdly obsessive, troglodytic (do they ever get out of that studio?)humorous and wild-haired.  My kind of people.  As if that were not enough, the studio is literally attached to the back of a Funeral Home! I mean, you cannot make this stuff up.

Oh, wait, that’s exactly the sort of stuff we ARE making up..

Anyway, we’ve recorded all the actors’ parts for ep 1, with about half the FX and music added.  Much fun was had portraying The Hootenany Teuchters tuning up, badly..  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I think when you hear the result, you’ll agree the actors have done a fine job.  I’m going back to the studio today to work on the rest of the music etc, and we hope to wrap it all up by this evening.  I’ve recorded a version of the Blackhaven song (“There are monsters abroad”) , which we can layer into the Outro.  Good progress.

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