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HTML5 and other animals

I don’t know about you, but html is not my native tongue.  Turns out there’s now version 5, which is the most up to date and all-singing thing that plugins and platforms like. (Correct me if you like, I probably won’t understand.) Also it now turns out my ISP does not do HTML5.  Cue: tearing of hair and much annoyance.  But the boffin (Johnny at The Music Shed) tells me there is a workaround, so assuming he’s right (and why wouldn’t he be?) we are still go for Launch on 31st October.

Well, I’ve been advertising it as 31st Oct, so it had better be!  We now have a finished version of the podcast in mp3 and wav formats, ready to go.  Just have to sort out the meta-tags etc and do the Blubrry and Powerpress plugin thing..  Which I am hoping Johnny can explain to me tomorrow.  Personally, I’m a worrier.  I will only be happy once we push the button and see that it uploads as it should.  Wish me luck..

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