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Press release

Time to do some publicity for the launch of Blackhaven, the podcast.  I’ve written a Press Release which will be sent to various media outlets over the next couple of days.  We’re already getting or will soon get coverage in some local media (Cromarty Live Newsletter, Chatterbox magazine, Northwords Now literary journal).  Maybe some bigger fish will bite…

Here’s what we’ve sent out:

Press Release    28th October 2018:


Blackhaven – the new Scottish comedy-horror podcast

The imaginary village of Blackhaven is the invention of Theo Seller, and is the context for numerous popular comedy plays and sketches, many of which have already been staged in and around the Black Isle.  Indeed, in one such play, the famous crime-writer Ian Rankin joined the cast and was actually murdered onstage. (He has since made a full recovery).

Blackhaven contains outlandish things: characters with variously weird or dangerous traits; locations you might do well to avoid on a dark night; “amenities” that fail to meet the most modest of expectations.  It houses a Cabinet of Curiosities, an enormous occult library and a shop where  – everything – can be bought.  It bears a history freighted with villanies, and a present replete with evils and disappointments.  And nobody knows where all the bodies are buried.

And now for the first time – Blackhaven is to be thrust before an unsuspecting public in a new form: as a radio comedy-horror podcast.

The first episode entitled:  It’s not over till the hairy man sings 

will be published and available online on Hallowe’en (31st October)



Why has the unwelcome visitor to the strange and sinister Scottish Highland village of Blackhaven disappeared?  Why does the local Guggenheim Library have such a huge collection of weird and occult books on its shelves?  Why is Doris Macallan knitting a jumper for her pet iguana, Igor? Why is Tufty MacNicol’s beard so extremely glossy?  What does Augustus Morte find in his rubbish bin on Sunday morning?  And . . . will Inspector Macyard ever solve a Case?  

Listeners may find some of the answers in this first episode of: Blackhaven.



Press Contact:  Theo Seller etc..


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