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Learning curve. Please bear with us!

Yesterday was the official Launch day for the first episode of Blackhaven, and not surprisingly, it did not go seamlessly according to plan…  Yes, we have uploaded the podcast to Blubrry, that great podcast repository in the sky.  And yes, some people did report having been able to access, stream, or download it.  But technical issues remain.   We can only apologise for any inconvenience to our listeners, but this is all new stuff for us and we are learning as we go.

We think we have found the main problem.  What we did not realise (we found nothing about this in the how-to-make-podcasts videos etc) is that it takes several days, after your podcast is published, for it to appear in the directories of eg Spotify et al.  There is it seems, a process of moderation wherein somebody (or perhaps an AI) examines each new podcast to see it is configured correctly (“tagged”), and that it is legal and not an instruction manual for terrorists or a pornographic cornucopia.  Blackhaven is quite harmless course – as long as you don’t live there –  but I suppose checks have to be made so the apps companies are happy they are not complicit in publishing something nasty…

It won’t be long now till it’s all tickety-boo.

Meanwhile you should be able to access the podcast on by searching their directory for Blackhaven.

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