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Prepping for eps 2 and 3

It’s all go here at the Cabinet of Curiosities.  We’ve fixed the subscribe widget on the website so people can now subscribe through various options, including iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, Stitcher, Tunein.  And there is always the option to subscribe by email.

We’ve been sending out press releases and getting as much publicity going as we can (with no money to spend).  Playwrights Studio Scotland (Centre for Contemporary Arts) are giving us a mensh, there are articles coming out in some of the local papers and magazines, etc.  Still no word from TrulyScottishTV, who had said they would be delighted to host our show on their radio channel.  For some reason they’ve gone dark – maybe they’re all on holiday?  Mysterious.

Meanwhile the show must go on!  I’ve got the scripts finalised for eps 2 and 3, which we are recording on Thursday 8th November.  Following that will be all the editing, adding the music and FX etc.  The plan is to get ep2 out by mid-November, and ep3 out at the end of the month.  Then maybe we will draw breath, emerge dazed from the wreckage and ask ourselves, what the hell all that was about…

Ice-creams will be available in the foyer during the interval.  Your own foyer.  If you have one.  And your own ice-cream.  Do I have to do everything here..?



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