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How to get the podcast

A  few people –  perhaps unfamiliar with podcasts in general – have told us that they can’t figure out how to access the podcast.  So I have put up simple instructions on the Home page, as follows.

HOW TO GET THE PODCAST: If you are unfamiliar with getting podcasts, read this: Click on any of the colourful buttons on the right hand-side of the page.  We don't know which Operating System or device you are using to read this page, so you need to pick the option which is appropriate to you. 
If you are reading this on an Android device, click on "Android". If you're using an iPhone, try "Apple".  If you're using Chrome, try "Googleplay".  If you're using Windows, try eg "Spotify" or "Stitcher".  Or try "Subscribe by email" - which will send a link to your email address.
Alternatively, open the podcast directory app you normally use (if you already use one), and search in it for Blackhaven.
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