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Delay to series 2 – sorry folks

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Blackhaven’s second series of podcasts, entitled “The Iceberg Bubble,” unfortunately you will have to be patient a while longer.  We had hoped to have another 4 episodes in the can by now, but we’ve had to delay.  And here’s why:

Basically the cast and crew have made the decision that we will aim to equip our own recording studio here in Cromarty, and do all the recording, sound-engineering and editing ourselves – rather than outsourcing this to a studio in Inverness as we did for series one.   Hiring a studio and a professional engineer costs about £250 per ep, and that would be unsustainable for us.  Needless to say we are all volunteers here – none of us is getting paid.  And we want to keep the podcasts free for our audience to download.  So we want to be able to do all the post-production ourselves.  It’s also in keeping with the whole feeling of it being a community project.

What this means is, we have to go through the business of applying for funding to grant-aiding bodies.  To this end we have become constituted as Blackhaven Productions (without this organisational formality no-one would be prepared to award us anything).  And the applications process takes months before we’ll know if we have been succesful.

Meanwhile we have brought on board another member of our team, who is actually qualifed in sound-engineering, and who is going to be giving us some tutorials in the arcane arts of editing and making FX etc.

All fine and dandy, I hear you cry – but when will we be able to hear the next series?  Well, how long is a piece of string?  All I can tell you at this stage is we are proceeding methodically and are fixed upon our goal.  But we may be looking at the end of 2019 before the first ep of “The Iceberg Bubble” hits the air.  We think it will be worth the wait.  But you will be the judges of that.

Meanwhile, if you are a subscriber, you should get an email notification as and when new eps appear.  So that’s a good idea, eh?  It cost you nothing to subscribe and keeps you in the loop.  Go on, you know you want to…

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