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What fresh hell is this? The Radio Blackhaven News and Chat Show is coming..!

Not content with foisting the whole Blackhaven shtick on an unsuspecting public, we are now creating a further piece of ongoing nonsense, still based in Blackhaven and featuring many of the same characters.

Only this time, it’s all happening in a shed-sorry, studio – at the bottom of Seymour Strangely’s garden.  Seymour reckons there’s a need for a local radio station in the village, and who better than he, the editor of The Blackhaven Gazette, and part-time paranormal investigator – to be its host?

Who better?  Maybe Doris Macallan could do well.  But Tufty MacNicol is unlikely to be much help.  And as for the resident cat, Biggles, he’ll tear your arm off as soon as look at you.  Still, with studio guests like the Reverend Leviticus and Auld Foggerty among others – what could possibly go wrong?

Episodes one, two and three are already recorded and in the editing process, so we’ll be publishing those soon, if we are not stopped – all podcasts will be available in the same online places as “Blackhaven.”

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