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New Series of Radio Blackhaven News & Chat Show – but not quite yet

Just completed the scripts for a new series (3 eps) of the Radio Blackhaven News & Chat Show! All the usual loonies will be there, plus a few new ones. Tufty is still not evicted from the shed-sorry-studio.  Macyard keeps turning up and interrupting things. Biggles the cat is just as lethal as ever. On top of which, there is Tweed Madness, Zombie Thursday, and a whole Mess of Porridge.  What more do those people from UKTheatre Awards want?

Sadly none of this – or of Blackhaven series 3, The Iceberg Bubble – is going to be recorded any time soon, due to Covid-19.  It would unsafe for us to pile into a small studio, laughing and shouting a lot, at this point.  As Biggles has already proved. So I’m afraid you will have to contain your undoubted eagerness awhile yet.  All things come to those that wait..

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