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Blackhaven scripts and plots

 Plays and sketches featuring Blackhaven

(copyright is asserted by the author)

Blackhaven Gazette (newspaper articles)

The Book Club of Doom

The Codgers

The Codgettes

The Auction

Death by Hamster

The Curse of Blackhaven

Death at the Big House

Death and the Belle Dame

Follow The Honey

England 1: Iceland 2

Dr Nathan MacHamish, a lecture

The Fabled History of Blackhaven

Economic Pirates

Unemployed Pirates

The Cheese-rolling Pirates of Blackhaven

The Tale of Dozy Mick and the Blackhaven Corsetry Industry

The Blackhaven Cocktail Industries



So far I have written 7 episodes, and we are now at the stage of being about to launch episode one “It’s not over till the hairy man sings”  scheduled for 31st October 2018 (Hallowe’en…)  The forthcoming episodes will be as follows:


The Unwelcome Visitor

ep 1:   It’s not over till the hairy man sings        to be released  31st October 2018

ep2:   On not being Undead                                     tbr     mid-November 2018

ep 3:   This might sting a little                                 tbr     end of November 2018


The Iceberg Bubble

ep 4:   An ill wind

ep 5:  Daffodilmania and reflanged rowlocks

ep 6:   Alone on a wide, wide sea

ep 7:   The Ghost Shirts